Karishma by Rashmi

Karishma by Rashmi is a jewellery brand that redesigns customer’s existing Gold & Diamond jewellery without melting.

Rashmi Govind, the designer of this brand has a passion to preserve tradition and sentiments, to give new look to the jewellery

The art of keeping tradition and sentiments intact….

Heritage and heirloom jewellery have a lot of sentiments attached to it. Every woman inherits one and treasures them.

Karishma by Rashmi has perfected the art of taking Indian heritage jewellery, redesigning the unique individual pieces, without melting any of them and converting them into modern, contemporary ensembles, thereby keeping all memories and sentiments intact…

Based on the existing shapes, each piece is combined and designed into a new profile, taking into account the desires of the client. Each piece is then painstakingly set according to the design, to give a new life to existing jewellery.

Blue earrings

About Rashmi Govind

Rashmi Govind, the designer for brand Karishma by Rashmi has a passion for art, designs and all things colourful. She has channelised this passion into designing jewellery and has perfected the art of redesigning existing jewellery into modern jewellery.

Rashmi works with her client to understand their needs, takes the existing piece of jewellery, weaves a contemporary twist to it and creates a new jewellery that is exclusive and spectacular.

Rashmi is a graduate of jewellery design from JD Institute of design and has worked with Ganjam design house, one of south India’s finest jewellery brands, before starting out on her own.