Heavy gold earrings or the sentiments around it ………what is heavier?

The human ear is a delicate organ, whose primary function to help a person hear sounds and also maintain his/her vertical balance. The most pierced part of a human body is the ear, where in some cultures the ear is stretched to improve the beauty of the person. But, wearing heavy gold earrings or studs for a long time can cause pain and lot of discomfort to the wearer.

Are heavy gold earrings bad for your ears?

Yes, Heavy Earrings Can Permanently Stretch Out Your Earlobes. … And if you regularly wear heavy earrings, over time they can potentially do some gnarly things to your earlobes.

What to do with heavy gold earrings or heavy gold jewellery that I don’t wear?

Does this question strike a chord with you? Over 85% of women prefer not to wear their heavy (and usually outdated) jewelry given a chance, and only do so as there is a strong sentiment attached with the jewelry. This sentiment is even stronger if it is heirloom jewelry.

Wearing heavy earrings for long periods of time results in stretching of the ear, elongation of the hole piercing and loads of pain. Sound’s familiar…. Lot of women have earrings that were bought long time ago or received as a wedding gift, an anniversary, a special occasion, a memory of a loved one… these are only a few such precious memories and sentiments that most jewelry carry. Each piece is a story by itself! So, it is no wonder, that most women prefer keeping their jewelry in their lockers, tucked away for decades at times, even if they don’t wish to wear them!

Then of course, there is the ‘wearability’ of the jewelry! Fashion trends change every 2-3 years, and most trends quickly make the earlier trend almost obsolete. And let’s also not forget the clothing style and the age factor! Imagine wearing your bridal jewelry a decade later!

This brings us back to my question. What is heavier? The heavy jewelry or the sentiment around it?

If you took the sentiment away, then your jewelry becomes just a physical asset! And then you are free to sell it, pawn it, take a loan against it, or just dispose of it for a new set, whenever you wished. Now, this may sound practical, but its easier said than done.

Giving away an outdated jewelry only for its metal or stone value is not a practical idea to start with, especially with unpredictable gold prices. Instead, redesigning the same jewelry into a wearable, modern and lightweight ornaments of your choice would be a great way to reinforce the sentiment of the very same jewelry, and also makes great financial sense as well!

At Karishma by Rashmi, we start with your story first! We love to hear your likes, dislikes, what you like to wear, what appeals to you, what is the story of your ornaments, your lifestyle, etc. We then help you rethink and re-create the different parts of your story and breathe new life into your jewelry.

gold earrings

It’s like getting a whole new set of modern designer ornaments of your choice, with less than a fraction of the cost of having to give it away or convert the entire jewelry into a new one. When we redesign your jewelry, there is no melting, loss of metal or damage of any kind!

When you come to us, we consider it to be a privilege to know your story, the sentiment of your jewelry and help you remember your past in the present, in a practical and memorable manner!

Tell us your story about your jewelry and send us a picture on WhatsApp: +91 9972054950 and we will get in touch with you and tell you how securely ship your jewellery to our studio.