How to enhance your jewellery wardrobe at fraction of the cost

Every woman has jewellery in her wardrobe that is unique to her and each piece has a special memory of an occasion. Over time the jewellery stays in the wardrobe, but its memories remain fresh as ever.

Being a woman of the world, you are looking for something new, exciting, be it a vacation, a great job or a new piece of jewellery. But, with a wardrobe full of jewellery, you have second thoughts of buying new ones. Have you thought of getting the jewellery in your wardrobe redesigned?

‘Karishma by Rashmi’ offer’s you the unique opportunity to revamp your jewellery wardrobe by redesigning your existing jewellery into new ones.

You had purchased many an earring during a shopping visit or after saving up for a long time. You had used a necklace for special occasions and repeated it many times. A hand me down pendant from your mother has lots of sentiments attached is stowed away securely. Seems familiar…. Well just call on Rashmi at ‘Karishma by Rashmi’ and she can help you realize your wishes….  Show her your jewellery wardrobe and have a discussion with Rashmi on what you treasure most about your jewellery. Rashmi, takes your thoughts and creates unique designs with your existing pieces (earrings, necklaces etc). The new designs are done using the same forms as in the original pieces, without melting any part of the jewellery.

The specialty of her designs is that you get a whole new jewellery wardrobe with stunning new pieces for all occasions, but with all the sentiments and memories in place. What are you waiting for… go ahead and give her a shout out..