My journey of redesigning a necklace

Design is the base of every jewelry, whether it be a simple curve or complex stone setting. The design could be on paper or on high-tech software. Re-designing a necklace or any existing jewelry follows the same principle, but needs more knowledge of the subject. The designer has to work with existing profiles thereby requiring a higher level of creativity.

My First steps into redesigning

My aunt, an avid lover of gold and diamond jewelry of any style-heritage, contemporary, modern, 10 carat to 24 carat, kundan to solitaire diamonds, earrings to necklaces big and small, showed me her vast collection. I was mesmerized by the variety of her collection and was initially struck by the one question “When does she wear all this jewelry?” So, I got into a discussion with her about what she is going to do with all her jewelry. Upon much deliberation I stuck on the idea of re-designing most of her jewelry to give a totally new look to her collection. My aunt was immediately hooked to the idea and she asked me to select a bunch of earrings and necklaces to redesign.

A design evolves……

I set upon the design journey with great enthusiasm and created multiple iterations by blending traditional pieces of jewelry with semi-precious beads and natural stones in modern profiles. I was amazed at the confluence of multiple styles that gave a totally new look to the existing jewelry. My knowledgeable aunt was floored by the transformation and immediately gave the green signal to go ahead. I summoned the craftsmen and explained my idea. He was aghast and didn’t believe that re-designing of existing jewelry could be done. After detailed explanation, he decided to go ahead and ended up producing magic. The final product was so much better than the virtual product, that I was convinced that re-designing of existing jewelry was the way forward and got me going on this path. I thank my aunt for her encouragement and support. Three cheers to relatives.