Heirloom jewellery- What to do with it, If I am bored of wearing it.

Most Indian women inherit heirloom jewellery from their mother, passed down from generations. There are loads of sentiments and memories attached with the jewellery. Many an occasion where the jewellery had been worn and admired. These memories definitely bring a smile with a distant look on the wearer. This jewellery is now in her hands and she is not very keen on wearing the same jewellery for every occasion. She wants to wear it, but with a more modern look to it.

Karishma by Rashmi offers a unique concept.

Karishma by Rashmi is a jewellery brand specializing in redesigning existing Indian jewellery, without melting any piece.

Intrigued, well yes, the designer Rashmi Govind has perfected the art of redesigning existing jewellery, by placing the individual pieces in traditional motifs, but with a modern twist.

What’s special with Karishma by Rashmi?

Rashmi gives a personalized experience to every client, by spending quality time trying to understand what you like and what your interests are. She also discusses about the heirloom jewellery, its history, what it means to you, what memories are attached to it and creates a story before the design is planned. This approach towards redesigning shows that Rashmi respects your jewellery, has the necessary knowledge, is helpful and is willing to accommodate your requests, thereby helping you find what you really want with your special jewellery.

Radha, my knowledgeable client, wanted to something her mother’s earrings and was at her wits end not to loose the shape due to the memories it held. Lakshmi was in the same fix and wanted to convert her old jewellery into modern ones. Sonam, wanted to gift her mother’s jewellery to her daughter, but wanted a new look for the same without making any changes to the original shapes. Needless to say, Rashmi worked closely with each of these customers and created one off, unique pieces of jewellery that maintained the original shapes with a twist on traditional motifs. The beauty of the design was that not one of the original pieces were melted or reshaped during the process, thereby keeping all the memories and sentiments intact for each customer. The general comment was “Ohh it looks so lovely”…”This is not coming off my neck for sometime now”..

Karishma by Rashmi is a ‘no walls’ jeweler, who can be relied upon to delivery unique jewellery, redesigned from existing heirloom jewellery keeping intact all the memories and sentiments of each customer.